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Solar System Bracelet

Featuring Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, this bracelet allows you to hold the entire solar system around your wrist. Measures 6.5” - 7.5” in length to fit any astronomer’s wrist. Sold on Etsy.

eosrising is this not totally badass don’t you love it

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Art Meltdown

I feel like I’m about to have an art meltdown right now.

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Remember when gaming used to be about actually playing games instead of complaining about irrelevant shit like the main protagonist’s skin colour or ethnicity or sex or sexuality? Where games were reviewed and judged based on their actual merits as opposed to who was fucking who? Before it was poisoned by feminism and social justice warriors with victim complexes trying to make everything about themselves? Yeah I remember 2011 too.

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because men OBVIOUSLY don’t have any problems. Nope. Life is a fucking peach. There’s no unrealistic body images, emotional demands, success/financial demands. there’s no skepticism when a guy’s alone with a child. Men are totally not ignored when they’re abused, sexually assaulted, or raped. Nope. that never happens.

Can we stop pretending like it’s so fucking hard to be female and so easy to be male? Because it’s fucking bullshit. Both sexes have their problems. Deal with it.

-the Polish one

First one: I already see lots of magazine covers with hot shirtless guys on them, what’s the difference? And might I mention that men do get body issues from seeing these masculine buff dudes on the covers as well.

Second one: So… a girl would rather watch a movie about sexy girl super heroes and a guy would not? Yeah that sounds so likely. And all these hypothetical sitcoms in which women are just fat and stupid wouldn’t piss women off? Really?

Third: First of all that already happens a lot, believe it or not. Second of all, I think a decent number of men enjoy it and would take advantage of it. And if not, I’ve seen far worse harassment on the street. Like people constantly stopping me asking for money or threatening to beat me up. I’ll take women cat-calling me any day, even though I’m gay.

Fourth: Uh okay, I mean I guess it’s possible women may hear that a lot, and I think women can be as funny as guys are, but I also hear a lot of women say they’re looking for a funny guy and I just don’t really see it as that bad. Telling a chick she’s unusually funny is not really the worst thing. It’s slightly backhanded to other women but can we just quantify this a little?

Fifth: Yeah, there should be more female presidents, can’t really argue there.

In conclusion, what I’d like to see is one of these ‘if women were men’ things that includes the bad shit men go through. Being attacked more often, being drafted, losing their kids, having to pay undeserved alimony, going to jail even when they did nothing wrong because they were charged by a female in court, getting utterly dismissed when they claim a woman raped them, ect.

I’ve lost a few followers lately from posting these kinds of opinions so I’m bound to lose a few more, but oh well. This is what I believe and I won’t silence myself to fit in with the herd. Sorry.

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I just realized I have this in my folder for creepy shit.

Steampunk Girl

Lmao that is not a steampunk girl, that is LuLu fron Final Fantasy.


Steampunk Girl

Lmao that is not a steampunk girl, that is LuLu fron Final Fantasy.

The death throes of Anita Sarkeesian's career


You might be saying, well Rachel, why are you picking on Anita. I’m not. I’m going to present some facts. Nothing more and nothing less.


One year ago Anita Sarkeesian had a massive amount of views on her videos even within the first day.


Now look at her most recent video. It isn’t…


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opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s

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Anonymous said: Hey, bacon, I've been following the EDF Preston thread for some time and I've got a question. A person I know seems like he's on his way to becoming a Dobson, do you have any advice on how I can prevent a complete transformation?

Hi Anon. That sounds like quite a problem. Well I can’t say I know your friend enough to know what will work, but my suggestions include being honest with him and giving him criticism, but diplomatically of course—if you upset him he’ll just stop listening. I’d also recommend perhaps showing him Dobson as a tale of warning for what he might become. Whatever you do, don’t enable him or let him think he can do whatever he likes without answering to criticism, that is how Dobsons are born.